måndag 26 juli 2010


...with blue flowers and berries and blue(?)roses...
The flowers are anemone coronaria, larkspurs, sage and some unknown annuals.
The blue berries are from a cornus alba, and the roses...

...are more violet than blue.
It is the rose
"Veil-chen-blau", also named "Blue Ram-bler" or "Vio-let Blue", a climber and a Hybrid Multiflora from Germany 1909 bred by Kiese/Schmidt.
It can be bred in Sweden to zone 4(US zone 4b and warmer.)A once-blooming rose in the summer - but for a long period - with a mild fragrance.
The other rose in my arrangement is the once-blooming gallica rose "Hippolyte", bred before 1842 by Parmentier in Belgium, with unknown parentage.
In Sweden you can bred it to zone 5.(US zone: 4b-8b)(This rose doesn´t belong to the group of "Blue Roses", but the colour is nearly the same.)

There are other roses too, in the group of "Blue Roses"and these ones we have in our garden:
1. "Blue Moon" - I can only show a bud this time, maybe I can show more and tell more, when the plant shows some flowers.
2."Baby Faraux", a small patio and polyanta rose with a mild fragrance, which was bred in France 1924 by Lille.The rose blooms througout the season and can be bred in zone 2-3 in Sweden.(US zone 5b-10b)
3/5."Rhapsody in Blue", a Warner rose and a shrub or a small climber, made by Cowlishaw in UK 1999. It has a a mild to strong spicy fragrance and will bloom through out the season. The rose "Blue Moon" is in the parentage, and it can be bred to zon 3 in Sweden.(US 6b-9b)
4."Violette"/"Violetta", a not so wellknown rambler and hybrid multiflora bred in France by Turbat 1921, and it is a seedling from Veilchenblau.It blooms once a time in the summer and it has a medium fragrance.
In Sweden you can bred it to zone 3.(US 6b-9b)
6."Oiseau Bleu"/"Blue Bird", unknown largeflowered hybrid tearose, bred by Poulsen and introduced by Vilmorin/Andrieux 1970, with a strong fragrance, but not so easy to bred here in Sweden, I think.(I don't know if it survived this cold winter, because I have not seen any flowers in my border yet.)
US zone 6b-9b.

Here is a blue one from the rose-garden of KNAT-TEN.(More photos from her garden HERE)
It is the rambler and once-blooming hybrid multiflora rose "Bleu Magenta", from Belgium 1876 by van Houtte with unknown parentage.It is a shade tolerant rose with a mild fragrance, which can be bred to zon 3 in Sweden.(US zone:5b-9b)

Not a blue one, but a really green one!!!I found this rose too, when I was visited Knatten, last weekend.
It is a china rose with no fragrance at all - very peculiar! - and shade tolerant, named "Rosa Viridflora" or "the Green Rose". This is a sport of another china rose: "Old blush", and it was discovered by Bambridge&Harrison before 1845.
Bred in Sweden to zone 3.(Us zone 7b-10b)

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Happy Blue Monday!
And Have a nice week!
Best wishes,

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SmilingSally sa...

What super gorgeous flowers, Anna. I especially like "Rhapsody in Blue."

Happy Blue Monday.

LV sa...

I loved your blog and all the lovely flowers you featured today. I always like seeing pretty flowers.

Joyful sa...

Your mosaics are so beautiful. I love the beautiful blue and the beautiful flowers.

Kim, USA sa...

Beautiful collage and the flowers are just gorgeous makes me happy to see this. Thanks for sharing!

Barnyard Express

Nancy sa...

What fantastic colors in your mosaics. You did a a great job. Wish mine were as luscious!

Carolyn Ford sa...

Wow...what stunning colors! Simply beautiful!

Inger sa...

Åh, vad jag önskar att jag kunde ha en 'Veilchenblau', jag har haft en må du tro, men den blev inte långlivad.
Ha det gott!

Coloradolady sa...

What a beautiful garden...Happy Blue Monday.